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((Sorry folks for being gone so long. I hope we could work through this some more now that I am more or less settled after the chaos))

As soon as Tywin made it to Tavaryn, he began lifting rocks off of him, while Quinlan provided cover for.

"Will you need help getting back to the ATT?" Tywin asked.

Tavaryn looked at the kid from his angle and said, "I'm good. Just get me out."

Tara responded to Komad's signal, "According to the count. Alpha Leader is still unable to reach us. His vitals read that he is alive."

Ebon Hawk

Andros replied, "Scanners are ready to go. We should be hitting the point to come pretty soon."

There's something familiar. Someone we know has come in contact with the child recently. I can't place it though..."

Jun-la nodded. There were possibilities into that one. She replied, "Does it seem recent to you?"

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