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KOTOR2: Atton/Cantina/Nar Shadaa


Fresh off Telos I go to Nar Shadaa. The game progresses normally. I gain obedience of the slavers. I build a lightsaber and exit the ship.

Then it gets wonky.

I get the message from Visquis saying to meet him in the Jekk Jekk Tarr. Dialogue, dialogue. I gain control of the PC and go towards the docks. Atton meets up with me, I accept the meds and tell him to go back and he says he has the perfect place.

I walk and trigger the dialogue with Hanharr, being evil, and he tells me it is my friends I should be worried about. Cue to Atton in the cantina...

And nothing happens

Seriously, I'm Atton, standing around the Cantina and nothing happens. I can control him like the PC walk where I like, but there are no Twin Suns for me to slaughter!

For every problem with this game, google has had a quick answer. However, this time it seems the main nar shaddaa problem is either triggering the Red Eclipse or the message from Visquis.

  • I'm playing on steam for the first time, normally I use a disk, but I lost one of the install disks.
  • I got the obedience of the slavers. This is an option I've never taken before in my playthroughs.
  • Triggered Atton dialogue too early. As in background.
  • Visas. I triggered the arrival of visas after the encounter with the Red Eclipse. Not sure if that could affect it, but who knows.

Any help would be quite appreciated.
inb4 load a save.
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