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Where is he?

Tavaryn's voice came through, "Right where you left me before the explosion Komad. I'm good. Situation?" He looked around the swampy area of the planet. He read the viewscreen in his helmet.

Alpha Leader's vitals are stable and functioning at full capacity.

"Thanks for the update," Tavaryn muttered sarcastically. The things he did to achieve some sort of progress in the name of science. Alpha Team had state of the art combat suits and he had the implant to house a very advanced AI that appeared as a hologram on the right viewscreen.

He continued, "Do we need to have Alpha Team regroup and advance?"

Ebon Hawk

Andros saw that they were coming up on their coordinates. He called to Kalla, "I'm cutting the sublight engines. Hang on." He flipped the switch and normal space appeared.

He was surprised that it was some sort of monstrosity that could be defined as a ship or something. "We here."


Yes...But it's not someone that we know well...I just can't place it! It almost feels like someone we've fought or sparred with before but it feels slightly off.

Jun-la frowned disconcerted by that. She vaguely remembered her uncle mentioning the battle on the Ackbar and the dark Jedi he fought against. She heard the announcement from Andros. "Looks like we're there. Are you sure you will be all right?" She motioned with her eyes towards Alriana's stomach.

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