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While I do think parents should administer the discipline and not teachers, a teacher has as much right as anyone else to at least avoid their physical integrity being compromised. And I won't have any sympathy for this family if discipline is handed down by a cop's reaction to their little boy being a menace before long here.

Originally Posted by Blix View Post
Well I think it's against the law for any faculty/school teacher to physically assault a student (or to even lay a finger on a student since it could be misconstrued as inappropriate behavior) -- so defending himself by touching the kid (even just enough to get him off of himself) would be used against him. In these cases it's best to guard yourself as best as you can, hope that you have enough credible witnesses and/or proof and take legal action against the parents and the school (for providing a hostile work environment).
As much I surmised. So I guess he's going to keep it up until one day he attacks a cop. I can just imagine how that's going to go over.

In some school districts I went to, if a student was causing bodily harm to another, it wasn't necessarily against the law to restrain the offender if you were a teacher. There were other minor exceptions like that (body block, shoving out a door to close and lock it) which admittedly all had to meet certain criteria or they'd lose their job.
Security officers are another matter, and I'm pretty sure have to be deputized by local sheriff or other law enforcement and are allowed a little more leniency.

Apparently neither of these seems to be the case here.

Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
I think it's believable. The kid was high on rage, and the gym teacher couldn't fight back without being sued, or accidentally killing the kid. Ankles and knees are delicate points, especially if hit from the right angle with enough force (which i think an angry 4 year old has enough strength to do).
High on rage, but for what?

Another possibility I hadn't thought of: Could it be possible someone facilitated and taught this to the kid?

Either that or it was a seriously lucky hit.

I don't know what appropriate consequences for the kid would be. Legal action seems a bit harsh, but on the other hand, making the parents pay may alert them and other parents to try harder to make sure their kids are disciplined enough not to do this.
As I said above, there's the inevitable run-in with a cop.

@ general subject:

Now if it was a case where the kid was a bit older and he was in trouble for improper physical contact with a teacher (touchy-feely) because she was good looking, I think I'd have a hard time reprimanding him. I'd probably scold him like "You shouldn't touch a teacher because she's a public employee, and legal consequences, and indecent behavior, and ya-ya-ya" but I'd have to try so hard to keep a straight face. I know I wouldn't be able to avoid asking at the end: "So how was it? Was it worth it?"

After all, you're essentially asking a dad to punish his son for good taste.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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