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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
I'm not doing this on purpose I swear, but Chelsea-fan here. And just for the record, I was fan from before the Abramovich-era. I still have my Autoglass shirt, which is far too small now, of course, for me to wear it.

And Red Devil (Belgium) fan, of course, though my patience and dedication have been tested for some time. But it seems like they're back on track, with a lot of amazing players. I hope they reach Brasil, but getting past Croatia will be difficult in the qualifications.
It's alright. I'm no longer mad at Chelsea for winning. I'm angry at our bad luck and Arjen Robben's arrogance (wanting to take the penalty before the penalty shootout even though Schweinsteiger wanted to take it.)

And it's nice to see a true Chelsea fan. Most of the Chelsea fans I know are plastic fans and are fans only since they won the Champion's League or because of Eden Hazard joining Chelsea and how "talented" (good, but overrated) he is. (Bandwagons)

However, while I was born in Germany, I have Bosnian-Herzegovinian origins . And for our qualifiers, we have the easiest group. The toughest team in our group is Greece! *laughs*
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