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It's not going well! We're dealing with power surges all through the ship and we're down to five ships...and Admiral Belina has been badly injured by an exploding console.

Tavaryn paused a moment. He had a soft spot for Belina. While they always had a professional relationship, they were comfortable. The fact that she was injured... He replied, "Admiral, we'll be right up."

He then spoke into his comm, "Alpha Team, double time to drop ship." He then looked at Quinlan and the other and said, "Let's book," and started back to the LZ at the fastest pace he was capable of.

Ebon Hawk

Don't tell anyone...but I'm starting to think it might be twins. I'm not sure yet though so please keep it between you and me.

Jun-la smiled and whispered, "That would be a double blessing and I have a couple of stories regarding twins from Avalon."

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