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((Was Lord Vokun also at Dagobah or is he still in sith space? I know that he summoned Varith to meet with him so I'll address that in this post.))


"Admiral, we'll be right up."

Garja was about to respond when a sudden urgent beeping sound drew his attention.

"Admiral Garja, this is medbay. The last barrage of turbolaser fire badly damaged the medbay...I'm sorry to say sir, but I don't think that with the medbaby in the shape it's in we won't be able to save Admiral Belina."

No...he thought.

"We're losing her sir. We need a miracle right now."

Garja sat completley still for a moment and then slammed his hand down on the control panel next to the command chair hard enough that a large crack appeared on the surfacd of it.

"Can we move her to one of the other ships?"

"I wouldn't recommend it sir. She most likely wouldn't survive the journey."

He opened up another comnline to Tavaryn and the rest of Alpha team. "I'd hurry if I were you...I don't think she's going to survive much longer. We need a miracle to save her right now.

He looked out the viewports and watched as the sith ships powered down their weapons and boarding shuttles began to fly out towards them.

If Belina dies, this victory will mean nothing. He thought somberly. He turned towards the tactical officer. "If any of those ships try to enter hyperspace destroy them. I won't let them get away."

"Yes sir."

Ebon Hawk

"That would be a double blessing and I have a couple of stories regarding twins from Avalon."

Alriana couldn't help but laugh. "I'd love to hear them after we're done with this."

En route to Dagobah

Varith could faintly fear his daughter's fear through the force but he couldn't let that fear show. But he did smile slightly as he felt Vokun's death through the force.

"Contact Coruscant and inform them that Lord Vokun has been killed while in action."

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