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[TSL] Broken HK-47's Chassis

I was thinking about HK-47 and how he ended up in the Ebon Hawk cargo bay; Revan forcing him in there, and T3 having to try and rebuild him with spare parts. Well when the Exile gets the ship, HK needs a new Chassis, but due to him using the same model, etc... his broken down state, looks exactly like the repaired version.

Now there is a mod that recolors his torso to silver like an hk-50, and that makes sense as he was rebuilt with an hk-50 box. Problem is he still looks the same pre and post rebuild unless you put the texture in the override after building him

I was thinking that it would look really cool, for hk to have his spine and core processor exposed, like someone who's ribs have been cracked and ripped open. It would truly indicate that well, he needs to be repaired, on top of looking cool.
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