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Ok, I was wrong - but something IS messed up. My critical chance keeps fluctuating between 31.whatever to 36.whatever and then back from area to area.
So a bug maybe??
I was all p.o'ed cause I thought the Tionese hat had some sort of cap on it.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
No... You can get a set of recruit gear for free. Go to the fleet and see the vendor in the PvP section. Even if you don't PvP get that gear just to sell it for credit. To upgrade that gear, then yeah you have to PvP. You can find some on GTN, but you have to have the proper valor level to wear it.

I don't have a 50 Twi'lek, but I will check the Mirialan, I think I have one at level 50.
Didn't they do away with that? I know both my first two 50's did it and sold the token for the 320k. But I just tried it with my knight and all he got was the gear set and no option for the token. Then selling it only gives you 1 credit per piece.

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