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Cut lighting furniture retail giant IKEA announced that sales of LED lights

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA Group (IKEA) local time on Monday announced that the company plans to only sell energy-saving LED lamps from the 2016 worldwide stores.

IKEA said, will be the first sold only energy-saving LED Panel Light furniture retailer, which will improve the surrounding environment of the city to a certain extent. The high price of LED lamps compared to traditional incandescent currently hinder the mass popularity of this product is the most important reason. IKEA said the company will be the best price to consumers sell their own LED Panel Light products. It is reported that IKEA cheapest LED bulbs cost about $ 9.99.

Swedish furniture retailer has been a low-cost, flat packaging, furniture removable famous, but the company nonetheless demonstrated the the LED bulbs transformation strategy, the company the furniture product life is also very interested in this information. IKEA said Theoretically, the life of an LED bulb can achieve about 20 years, and energy than incandescent aluminium led profile consume 85% less. Currently, the service life can reach this level is probably only Philip LED bulbs produced, but the price of 20-60 dollars makes prohibitive for many consumers.

Now, we do not yet clearly the IKEA LED bulbs will give what price positioning, but even IKEA LED lighting products for sale to consumers "best price" will probably make many consumers can not accept.

It is worth mentioning, IKEA announced early in 2010 comprehensive plan in its retail stores in North America starting in 2011 to stop selling incandescent bulbs.
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