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TOR ate my KotOR
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I'm sorry I just don't see the game is a failure.

1. It is the Best Star Wars game I have ever played (end of story).

2. You have the option to play it solo or play it with friends.

3. Nowhere else can I get people to shot at or spit on Lynk without facing jail time.

4. It has operations.

5. It is fun.

Yes, there are some epic fails too, but most is just from BioWare not really knowing how to deal with the needy MMO crowd or the needy Star Wars fanboy. They try to cater to much to either and end up pleasing no one.

F2P just means more people playing, it will also mean more people whining, but that can't be helped. I just hope BioWare sticks somewhat to it guns and stops this endless nerfing of things that do not need to be nerfed. So what you cannot do it, learn your abilities and try again after that. The game is full of choices, if you don't want to grind don't grind, if you hate space missions, don't do them, if you hate groups, play solo, but you don't have to complain about crap just because it is in game and you don't like it.

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