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Ever thought that the "Overly-Attached Girlfriend" had too much power?

Well, when it comes to gaming, you DO NOT **** with your boyfriend! This one man will lead us against the army of overly attached girlfriends. This one man is our salvation.

(I like overly attached girlfriend memes, and they're fun. So I'm not doing this to spite the overly attached girlfriend memes. Doing it for fun and for laughs)

This is the one man on the planet that can fight the overly attached girlfriend.

@beanlord56: Your dog seems to love frisbees. *sarcasm*

Sorry about my picture about not showing up. Something probably went wrong. Maybe a typo; I really don't know. Here it is again.

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i edited the nsfw image tags from img to url so you could keep it in some way but you seem to have edited back the way it was... don't do that. Now I'm just going to have to cut it out entirely.

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