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Originally Posted by rev1011 View Post
You modders always impress more and more each year
Great work.
Thanks i wasn't going to do another one of these but somehow i did

Originally Posted by battle111 View Post
Great work !!!!!!!!! great textures!!!!!amazing work!!!!!!!!
Thanks enjoy

Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post
Wow, I gotta say these are impressive. Here's what I thought, looking at these:

I love how Malachor is portrayed. Gives an Evil/Aristocratic mood and I'd say I like it probably better than your previous version, even though it does not feel as heavy and dangerous.

Now Telos is really interesting. In previous mod, you were going for something more futuristic (the one before that was filled with a lot of flashy colors and pales in comparison of the next ones) whereas it is as if you were going for a look more like the original Telos in HD. So it is a keeper too.

As for Nar Shadaa, I must say it is an awesome improvement. No offense, but previous version was WAY too purple. When do you see purple in a city? Not often. Yellow refers to light and is way better. It might still be a little too much light, though. This particular skin would fit Coruscant better, in my opinion. At least, something more rich. We have to remember that the Nar Shadaa in TSL is the refugee sector, where most people are poor. I doubt they'd use this much light... Still, definitely a keeper!

I would need more pics from Onderon and Dantooine to decide if I like them or not. I can tell that Onderon looks good, but sample's way too small. So might be keepers, but not convinced.

Now for Korriban: I think this is the one planet where few improvements were made from the previous version. I think one version or the other one doesn't really matter and can't see real changes from one version compared to the other one. Not a keeper for me.

Now this Peragus look is pretty interesting. It reminds me of machinery. I might try-it, but there are already some very Peragus skins out there and I might just stick with them. However, if all you've ever played is regular Peragus with no new skin, this version would be a nice change from vanilla.

Dxun: NEEDS SAMPLE! That is way not enough to judge the improvements. Not sure I'll try-it, judging from what I see.

Now for the ships: they are just like Christmas Ships! Not good for the rest of the 360 days of the year. Seriously, they are not sober enough to me. The ravager carries a dark atmosphere that this skin does not convey (the previous version was way better in this matter).

Harbinger has some good, but the blue wall looks out of place compared to the rest, which is pretty tight.

As for the Ebon-Hawk, I prefered the previous mod. Was more blue and clean and less purple.

Thanks for the detailed analysis some planets like korriban,dantooine,dxun cant be change to much as it offers so little to do so.

the blue on harbinger is a panal of wall lights since the ship is dark it fits fine to me. ravaenger i always had a hard time getting right i just decided to get away from plain this time. Ebon hawk i thought of making that display white instead of purple it can still be done as a replacement.
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