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Lynk: I think they did a great job of bringing the RPG to the MMORPG arena, but fell flat in my estimation on the whole MMO part. There wasn't any need to have other people for your leveling. But I gotta admit, I kinda liked that part of it. I just wished there was a more robust crafting system, and after playing SWG, most other crafting systems fall way short. And it's entirely possible that BioWare ruined the MMO market entirely for me(not in a bad way). Honestly after TOR, it'll be hard to play an MMO that is not fully voiced with a story that lasts from noob to top, and that I can play either solo or grouped. I believe that the people who will enjoy it the most are the SPRPG fans who would like to play it with friends.

Scorge: It's free up to level 15. After you get a toon to 15 I believe you'll have to pay.

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