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So, has anyone looked at which players their countries have called up for the World Cup qualifiers? I once again have to question Klinsmann's roster decisions. He's including someone who has never been on the national team before over Jozy Altidore, who's leading the Dutch league in scoring. WTF? And if not Altidore, then why not Boyd? He's been scoring like crazy in Austria. At least Sacha Kljestan got the call over Jose Torres; the latter has not exactly been impressive for the past few national team matches.
I assume you're an avid American supporter. Do you like Klinsmann? And more importantly, do you like his tactics?

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Juventus fan
I don't see many Juventus fans around anymore. Maybe because they haven't had much success in recent years. It sucks how they along with other major Italian teams get a lot of heat for being in a supposedly fixed league.

It's nice to see Juventus draw a high scoring game against Chelsea away. Just imagine what they'll do at home . (Honestly, I don't like Chelsea because pretty much their entire team except for Lampard are ***holes. And Eden Hazard is an ***hole AND a spoiled brat.)

Are you Italian?
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