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Thanks for your answer. I think the same about this corpse, but I read on topics that it could crash some cut-scene on the Leviathan.
About the container, I think its content must be scripted (it seems to depend on your class).

I finally managed to easily script something to add the item on the corpse in the script that spawns enemies after the duel between the two jedi (k_pend_reinfrc03.ncs) :
void main() {
	CreateObject(1, "end_reinforce2", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("wp_end_reinforce2_1", 0)), 0);
	CreateObject(1, "end_reinforce1", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("wp_end_reinforce1_1", 0)), 0);
	object oJedi = GetObjectByTag("end_jedi01");
	if (GetIsObjectValid(oJedi)) {
		CreateItemOnObject("g_a_mstrrobe062", oJedi);
I tested it and it seems to work correctly.
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