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Opinions on the Vice Presidential Debate?

Did anyone watch the vice-presidential debate between Congressman Paul Ryan and Vice-President Joe Biden?

1. What did you think?

2. Who put more emphasis on their argument?

3. Who conveyed and supported their ideas the best and most clearly?

4. What is your opinion of the two?

5. What's your verdict?

6. Who won?

7. What was your opinion of the debate as a whole?

I, first and foremost, believe it was a draw.

Both Biden and Ryan were both fairly honest of their good intentions to improve the economy and America as a whole.

I believe Biden put more emphasis on his argument than Ryan, mostly because of how loud he was yelling.

Regarding their arguments, to the average viewer, their arguments were extremely boring and a bunch of meaningless "mumbo-jumbo." However, to those that actually payed attention, they would see that Paul Ryan was pretty straightforward. Straightforward with his lies. It's always nice to see a true patriot like Biden to defend his argument, but he yelled just a tad bit. He was also very unspecific.

Biden put more emphasis on his argument, and Ryan detailed and supported his argument more. I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat, but I think that in the end emphasis wins out on details.

My verdict was that this debate might have been a "little" spirited. Wait, that's an understatement. It was very tense. But then again, who doesn't enjoy an exciting, tense, and spirited debate every once in a while? I loved this debate because when they spoke, you never knew what they were going to say next. Both Biden and Ryan had a counter statement for each other for every argument they made.

My opinion of the two is that Ryan is a very honest person, and Biden is more down to Earth. Maybe because he suffered horrible experiences with death in his family. They both seem to to what they think is best for America and to improve it.

So what was your opinion of this spirited debate if you liked it or not? Answer the first few questions up at the top if you want. Also feel free to disagree with me .
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