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"Have you explained to him about you and Tavaryn?"

Alriana shook her head as she whispered back. "I honestly don't know how to tell him. I tried once before but I just couldn't bring the subject up."

She looked over at Xandros and sighed. "He saved my life more then a few times during the purge...I just don't know how to break it to him."

"You know about what Tonatius and I found on Naboo; is it really a good idea for either of us to go over there?"

"You have a point. Maybe we should man the lasers just in case." She said thoughtfully. "In any case, we should probably get started." She said as she pointed out the viewport as a small group of fighters approached the Hawk.


Garja was relieved when the power surges finally stopped. He was over-seeing repairs to some of the bridge consoles. The damage to the Ackbar was bad: Bad enough that the ship would most likely need a few weeks at a repair station. But Garja couldn't help but be relieved when he saw that there had been only a few injuries, mostly from the power surges that had torn through the ship earlier.

He was checking the status of the reactor and the hyperdrive and what he saw made his blood nearly turn to ice.

The reactor...the readings say that it's overloading! Where are the alarms?!

"Bridge to Engine Room!" He shouted into the comnline.

No response. They had responded to one of his questions about five minutes earlier which meant that there were one of two things: They were to busy to respond which was highly unlikely.

Or that they were all dead and they had an intruder on the ship.

"Attention to all personal. I need a repair crew in engineering now! We need to either shut down or eject the reactor!"

He turned to the tactical officer. "Intruder alert! All security officers are to be on the look out for anyone suspicious. I want armed security teams around vital areas of the ship and everyone needs to have their identity chips with them at all times. Anyone who doesn't, you have my authorization to stun them and bring them into custody."

"Yes sir!"
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