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invalid Registry/INI"

Hello Gentlemen

I've made this account because I'm in desperate need of your help!
I've just brought the KOTOR collection yesterday (CD) Which contains both KOTOR 1 and 2 both only 1 disc.
I can get none of them to work. After reading several guides and watching lots of youtube videos I've managed to install the game properly. Note I'm only interested in playing KOTOR2

I'm using vista 32 bit.
My issue is I simply cannot apply either the 1.0a or 1.0b patches. If i try to start the game as it is, nothing happens and I'm forced to close the process or get my cd out of the comp.

I've tried everything it says in following video.
I've tried both the UK patch notes and the US ones. I'm living in Denmark, Scandinavia.
Please help!
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