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Originally Posted by Obi-Wan Bologna View Post
Ok, this looks a good thread to start for me. hehe So I know hardly anything about MMO's, but am I huge fan on the KOTOR series (they are my fav games). I've been putting off checking out TOR for a long time because.... well it's not KOTOR III and I really haven't had a computer capable of running it. Coming from the KOTOR series, will I feel right at home in TOR? Will I be able to jump right in and have fun? Will it be overly complicated for me to figure things out?
If you can handle Mass Effect, you should be right at home with SWTOR. If you like KotOR, and hate MMO's, I would even go as far as to say that you are more likely to like it than an MMO fan is. Some things may be tough, but fortunately there are a whole mess of people who are willing to help out the new person(sure some are jerks, but you get that). The use of powers and specials is a bit more tricky than KotOR. But you can customize most of it. It feels more like an RPG with multiplayer aspects, than an MMO with RPG aspects.

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