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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
If you can handle Mass Effect, you should be right at home with SWTOR. If you like KotOR, and hate MMO's, I would even go as far as to say that you are more likely to like it than an MMO fan is. Some things may be tough, but fortunately there are a whole mess of people who are willing to help out the new person(sure some are jerks, but you get that). The use of powers and specials is a bit more tricky than KotOR. But you can customize most of it. It feels more like an RPG with multiplayer aspects, than an MMO with RPG aspects.
Thanks guys, I think I will give it a shot here soon. How long does the download usually take or should I just order a 10 dollar copy off Amazon or something? Yes, I've played Mass Effect and love it, but I played on 360 and I do prefer the KOTORs on the Xbox, is it possible to map most of the controls for TOR on a 360 controller? Or will it feel perfectly ok with a keyboard and mouse. For KOTOR on PC I could never get my character to move with the mouse so I just mapped it to the arrow keys. haha I'm hoping I can figure out if I can map the KOTORs on the 360 controller as well cause that would be the best of both worlds for that game as well.

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