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Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
What's your point? Are you an Apple fanboy?

Just because they won a lawsuit because of some possibly biased judges and/or jury doesn't mean that their phones are better.

And Samsung was sort of right. If Apple becomes bigger than they are now, it could eventually result in the takover of all phones everywhere. ONLY Apple iPhones and that is the only selection of a phone. No individuality. No variance. Everyone is the same. No gold ol' Nokia or Motorola Razor or Blackberry users. Imagine that. You have to agree with Samsung just a little.

After all, it could end up like the meme I posted above. Do you want that?
Oh boy. Okay I'm gonna get all admin here if things start to degenerate down that part where people start calling each other this or that fanboys. We're already derailing the original topic.

He didn't say one way or the other what he supported, he gave NO indication at all and you simply accused him just like that. He was just simply pointing out that Apple won a major court battle against Samsung, one that has been going on for quite awhile.

Samsung is in the right because Apple is accusing everyone of copying their "trade dress"... the "look and feel" of their devices. Basically, Apple thinks that just because their phone is a black rectangle with rounded corners, no one can have anything that's anywhere close to what they make. And anything with icons on a grid? Nope, can't do that either according to apple, or even specific styles of icons, can't do anything unless they approve apparently.

They're abusing the hell of what is a very broken patent system and that is why these two companies aren't the only ones involved in this larger "patent war"... though really the whole patent war mostly relates to "mobile devices" at this point.

While there's a lot of good reasons not to like Apple, they earned their market share due to their marketing. The monster that's been created is due to this patent system which is allowing them to lug around all of that power they've amassed now and basically bitch and moan about every patent, even things that they didn't even create or they really have no right to because it's so basic/generic and claim it as their own.

Companies can get as big as they want, what the real concern is is the patent system stifling and destroying great ideas... which is the exact opposite of what the patent system was designed to do. |

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