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Originally Posted by Dimon101 View Post
I remember it was in All in One mod or something at one time, but then it was removed from that particular mod for some reason...does anyone know where i can get it. I believe it was called morph Jedi power or something to that effect. This is where it said you can search for mods..

Description of mod:

Allowed you to transform into different creatures, including a Rancor and other creatures found around the SW: KOTOR worlds.
The closest thing I noticed was this mod by Mono_Giganto. It only allowed you to change someone into a Tach, not other creatures. It was removed from the AIOFPM (All-in-one Force Powers mod) due to conflicts. The links in the thread I posted are dead and it's no longer up at Filefront but you could always try asking Mono_Giganto to re-host it somewhere. He was here less than a month ago.

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