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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Oh boy. Okay I'm gonna get all admin here if things start to degenerate down that part where people start calling each other this or that fanboys. We're already derailing the original topic.

He didn't say one way or the other what he supported, he gave NO indication at all and you simply accused him just like that. He was just simply pointing out that Apple won a major court battle against Samsung, one that has been going on for quite a while.
I have to sincerely apologize to @Darth Alvectus and @Lynk Former.

When I mentioned that I think the S3 is definitely the best phone on the market, and he replied to the link concerning the patent wars, I thought that he was implying that Apple are better in some way regarding if their phones are better or if Apple itself is bigger... etc.....

And I didn't accuse him of anything. I simply asked him if I was a fanboy, which I see now that I shouldn't have done.

When I mentioned the S3, I was simply discussing the phones themselves and how great they are, not some major patent war between two gargantuan companies. I also see I shouldn't have done this either because I am derailing this thread.

And that's great insight concerning your statement regarding the patent system. It's ironic in a bad way.

So yeah, I'm sorry. I don't judge companies on how big they are. I judge them based on the products they sell. And in my opinion, the S3 is a better phone than the iPhone 5.
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