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Red face ho ho ho ... perfect ...

hey SH ... first AMAZING job with the map, 512x512 and animated??? simply awesome

now, I need u to ... yes, I do need you to ... do something for me. Take a look at my personal galaxy map:

Show spoiler

That screencap didn't go well as u see with PrtScrn Key ... I was in a hurry, but you can see the "new" planets position clearly.

I'd like to have Cathalan and Coruscant reflected in MY galaxy map. I know most people can't use both planets sametime ... I did work pretty hard to manually made them compatible with all my stuff ... but here and there a bunch of folks might have both of these worlds up and running.

wouldn't u release alternative LEH_scre03.tga/txi with these 2 added?? u not leaving me/us behind, are you?

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