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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Obi-Wan Bologna View Post
Really wanted my first character to be a Jedi. hehe What about Consulars? They were always the hardest to play in KOTOR so I figured they'd be tough to play here, but I may be wrong. It's probably done or almost done downloading by now, it was almost done when I left this morning. So I will probably give it a go tonight after work.

Hey don't get me wrong... if a Knight is what you want to play, play a knight. It really does have the most epic story (not the best story, but it gives the best KotOR feeling). Consular story is meh at best.

Check out this thread on the The Walking Carpet/Casual Alliance page, Seijin is the real pro. Everything I know is pretty much from him, Mav, Lynk, Jeff and the rest of CA or from what I read.

The Knight really isn't that difficult, but it does require planning and keeping up with equipment on yourself and your companion. You may have to wear something really ugly for a few levels, if it gives you the best main stats. Stats will be more important than looking good at times.

I would suggest if you go Knight, then go DPS if this is your first MMO experience.

Now as far as a consular goes, Melee DPS is a Shadow spec. While the story isn't that great, the game play is a blast. Stealth, Crowd Control and burst DPS makes for easy leveling. However, once you hit 50, unless you are super skilled player, you dps will be behind the other classes. Again great for dailies and good at HMFP, but lacking in Operations. Only behind my agent for favorite class to play. Sage is the healing/range DPS side of the Consular, don't know anything about the DPS part (but they outproduce my Shadow), but Sage healer is a really good healing class. However, don't make the same mistake as me, if this is your first MMO, level a DPS spec. It was a real pain leveling a healer, mainly because I just played that spec how I normally would play a character without really learning to use my abilities to my advantage. That link will help you do that, be it DPS, Healer or Tank.

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