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Dropship to Ackbar

Permission granted. Be on the alert though, There's a strong possibility that we have an intruder onboard at the moment. I'm dispatching a security team to the medbay now. They'll meet you there.

"Acknowledged," Tariq replied and glanced at the back. "Hang on back there. This could be a little bumpy."

That was an understatement as Tariq gunned it and went for the docking bay. It was something that was considered a big no-no but considering how anxious the LT was to get to the Admiral, he wasn't going to bother with the stops. He was going to brake on full once inside and there was a risk that he would crash and big time.

He made it though and the ship touched down though it looked like serious repair work was going to be needed. He had burnt out a few nacelles and other things but that was nothing compared to the satisfaction that the doors opened when they were supposed to. He said, "Alpha Team has... landed. Proceeding towards medbay."


Tavaryn liked a bumpy ride and he knew that Tariq would get them them to the ship in one piece. He held onto the strap and braced for the impact while staring out the viewport. His men did the same though he was certain that they were nervous about this. They trusted him though and he would do what he could to get them through. Once they landed, Tavaryn led the way out and said, "Tariq take group two and head through and through. The rest, with me and through main decks."

What he meant was that Tariq was to take half the squad and go through the engineering access points. He would go the main way. It was decided upon and the squad split. Tavaryn looked at Master Komad and said, "We'll need all the help we can get Kaltas."

Alpha team, I have reason to believe we have at most two intruders heading for the medical bay. With the damage the medical bay has taken the doors won't hold for long even in lockdown mode. Stop them at all costs.

Tavaryn replied, "Copy that Admiral. We're on our way up." He then tapped his helmet, "Tara prepare to interface with the ship. I need full readout on the status."

All is ready Tavy.

Tavaryn rolled his eyes as he pulled out the chip from his helm and plugged it into the panel. He waited until it popped out meaning that Tara was in. He could see the layout of the ship begin to pop up on the screen of his helm. "Alright you're in. Focus on medbay and if you can activate the ship's defense systems."

Easy as pie. Take the eastern deck lifts.

Tavaryn nodded and motioned for his men to follow. Tara kept him updated by showing him who was who and where. Tara did what she could to keep him and the squad from the most dangerous areas as they made their way to the med deck. Once there Tavaryn caught sight of a crew that looked like a security team. They looked suspicious and he motioned to his men. He then stepped out and barked, "What are you doing?"

((I am assuming that Chev knows who the intruders are))

Ebon Hawk

I would be more than happy to help. I failed to keep you safe a hundred years ago but today I will redeem myself. I promise that I will bring this child back safe and sound.

Jun-la stood up and hooked her lightsaber to her belt and picked up the blade that she carried and strapped it on. She looked at the Shinigami and said, "Good to have you along. Now let's see if my techno babbling apprentice can get this bucket close enough for us to get on."

"I heard that Master. On it."

Jun-la laughed a little. She said, "Seems that he knows me too well."

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