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cool. good to hear. There is an in game chat system, you can talk to friends once you put them on your friends list, and guild members once you join a guild. People use a live talk program called Vent to talk during group play, there is no built in voice system. You also can share credits or items between people, as well as PMs in the game, lots of ways to communicate.

You also can challenge or be challenged by other players to Player vs Player combat, but you never have to accept. The in game support is pretty quick, or it was when i played it may have slowed down but dont know, you can get a live person to ask questions of, they are called service bots or something like that but they are service and support people in India i think but they do speak pretty good english. There is a help system which is sort of a manual but it dosent answer all the technical game questions you may have, you can consult the on line manual via the game site, once your subscription goes live you can post on the in game forum, but not before and not after it expires. Or you can ask questions here or over at the CA site i gave the link for. People are very helpful.

You can start leveling up and gaining loot and credits right away in the training area and your in game story will start based on what character type you pick. Have fun and May the Force Continue to be With You.

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