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Cool Guy Kotor??

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Coruscant will be in my next iteration - as well as M4-78 - on the TSL map. In addition, the TSL version will now have the planets lining up correctly because I used Bead-V's Galaxy Map Fix.

No word on a KOTOR Map Fix?
iteration? a map for Coruscant, other for M4-78, and so on?? not together?

for KotOR I/we need RedHawke's Ord Mandell's planet added, u do know where that one is right?

I've just downloaded/checked Bead-v's galaxy map fix. U know, I do prefer the spreaded planets map but well ... having an alternative canonical map is great to switch to IMHO, so yes, if u don't have time for both versions, at least we'll have the canonical one

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