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Originally Posted by tincanman View Post
people who made black mesa source wasn't a AAA game studio.. it was just a few people who knew what they were doing.. support came later from people who loved the series.. there are lots of talented people here, we could do that.. (even though they didn't stick to the original maps, they did it...)

if only we could get permissions from both Lucas arts and Bioware, porting it and than improving it would be a lot easier than remaking it from scratch..
That's not really what I meant... of course there are people who could do it, but they aren't here. This isn't a group of programmers or really people who know anything about making games at all. We do know the KotOR games better than anyone, even Bioware/Obsidian at this point, but that doesn't really help us in making a new game. This is pointless anyway, I was just saying that nobody here really could do that, no matter how many good modders we have (and there are a lot!). It's all very different stuff.

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