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Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
That's not really what I meant... of course there are people who could do it, but they aren't here. This isn't a group of programmers or really people who know anything about making games at all. We do know the KotOR games better than anyone, even Bioware/Obsidian at this point, but that doesn't really help us in making a new game. This is pointless anyway, I was just saying that nobody here really could do that, no matter how many good modders we have (and there are a lot!). It's all very different stuff.
Of the best known modders active in the community at the moment, I don't think there is anyone capable of developing a 3D game engine from scratch all the way to fruition.

Suppose we use DA:O's engine - that's still a **** ton of modelling to be done and guess how many in the community can currently model with reasonable skill? Maybe 3-4

Then we'd need skinners. Only 3 people I know that can create skins of excellent quality. They're all busy and hardly come around.

That leaves oh maybe the rest of us to script events in the game as they happen in the original. And of the active members, not even everyone can script all that well.

Even if we did get everyone to come together and build something for the greater good, it'd be a thing where everyone would have to be committed to this project, have enough free time and have good communication skills. Most people don't want to put that much work into something that they'll never get any credit for.

And that's also if LucasArts never catches on and shuts us down. They'll figure out somehow usually...

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