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Originally Posted by Christos K View Post
Finding Revan's genuine Saber on Rakata Prime would make sense if one of the elders or the One give you the saber and a multitude of it's crystals to go with it. Returning a gift or something.
This would assume that canonically Revan gave his original lightsaber to either party, which he didn't by any known source. Revan kept his original hilt (link) well after his original visit to Lehon (Rakata Prime), and presumably kept it with him right up until the moment Malak fired upon his ship and incapacitated him. Wookieepedia suggests Revan crafted the hilt mentioned above after he was restored to the force by the Enclave on Dantooine, making that a far more meaningful location for the thing to appear. Additionally, adding attack bonuses and a restriction to the Force Sensitive feat would mean that only the player character can use it, and is more proficient with it than with other lightsabers.

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