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So they did better than I expected. Just shy of 4mil on Kickstarter, but the extra 150+K via PayPal puts them over the top (although they'll lose nigh on 400K to KS and Amazon). They had a great last day or two. They got almost 1mil in the last 24-48 hours according to Kicktraq -

I wonder if they could have got a bit more early on if they had planned things a bit better. It seemed painfully obvious that they were just making it up as they went, which flies in the face of everything the likes of Avellone had said in the months prior about not launching a Kickstarter project until they had everything planned out. Oh well, assuming they pull this off, I'm sure we'll see another project from them on there. Presumably Avellone will get his own project at some point, and I'd like to see Cain get his own as well.
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