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How to Decide Skill Points?

All of my skill points were reset i see that was a general reset.

Can anyone give me some basic advice about how to decide which if the myriad skill points may be useful to follow for a basic DPS Jedi Knight Guardian? Lynk gave me the calculator link:

and the descriptions are useful but i am still puzzled by how to decide what may actually help us make our character more effective in battle? So far i have had a hard time with the toughest fights and tho people advise to learn what our characters strengths and weakness are, it is hard to do that and there is no teaching of it in the game other than experience that i can see. suggetions welcome.

A couple of things i am unclear about:

What is Focus and how does it imapct on combat? As i understand it , we gain it from certain skills or abilities and it is used up in certain acts.

Also what is meant by stacks? i didnt understand the use of stacks in the descriptions of skills. I know these are basic things but it is better to ask than to try to guess....

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