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You get the stack, by using an ability that grants that buff (for lack of a better word, little square when the class buffs are). Example (not sure how updated this it) Each tick of Force Stasis and Force Exhaustion grants Singularity. This will grant you a reduction in the cost and increasing the damage from your next Force Sweep. So no I have not seen any abilities that took 27 step to activate, but some do take 2 or 3.

If you decided on Focus, then here is how you start a fight, Saber Throw, Force Leap, Force Exhaustion, Sundering, Strike then only if you have a stack of 4 Singularity you use Force Sweep. If not use Force Exhaustion and Force Stasis until you get the stack of 4 and then use Force Sweep.
Anytime your Focus drops below 7, use Saber Throw, Sundering Strike or Strike. You never want to run out of focus and you want to keep Singularity up and stacked 4 as much as possible. Also remember to use Force Leap or Zealous leap to get Felling Blow and then with use Force Sweep.

(Force leap or Zealous leap) followed by Force Sweep. That is your top priority as a focus Jedi guardian. So anytime you have a stack of 4 singularities you would do that if that was your build. If you are Vigilance then then you would not do that at all.

Now if you are going Vigilance, then the concept is still the same, however you have a totally different set of priorities

So no you don't have to do something 27 times in a row to grant an ability, but you may have to do the same thing 2 or three times in a row to grant your #1 priority.

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