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thank you so much,

and thank you tommycat also..

now i am set, i have reset to Focus and now i need to learn to use my new abilities and use them in sequence intelligently. I will work on some leveling up and then, if you have time sometime over the next few days..i may ask for your help as i reached the end level boss over Tython between Level 33 and 34 and may need some help to beat him, depending on if i can learn to use my new methods fast or not. thanks so much very very .. for this help. i really wanted to learn to understand how this stuff works.

Mim, are those little buttons over the character picture..the stacks i think you called them, can you click on those to activate them? how do you set up your UI so that you can put them there? i didnt know we could add buttons, i would like to do something like that for sequences..stacks, i know i will need.... i am gonna run out of hot keys to use...better think how to do this.

these ones are what i am talking about, circles at A...

Stacks at A?

More buttons at B?

also what are these? are they more action buttons and if so what and how do we set those up?

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