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Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
My skill points have always been pretty random because the system itself could use some polishing when it comes to different abilities... like having two DPS trees that don't differ much can be confusing. In World of Warcraft the trees were always pretty different... so you could decide easier what exactly you wanted to focus on while maybe adding some hybrid points too. Mostly thinking about the Trooper class in this case.
No, the skill trees are pretty different and do have clear focuses on how they're meant to be used. For example, the Sith Marauder has three DPS trees which are all focused on doing damage in different ways. The first tree is the Annihilation tree which focused on dot, the aim of that tree is to bleed everything to death and does good sustained damage. The second tree is the Carnage tree which is focused more on direct damage and specialises in burst damage. The final tree is based around Force based attacks such as Smash and Force Choke.

Each class is the same way, each tree has specific uses.

And when it comes to action bars I've been using Lynk's setup for a while now... just download it and try it out and see if it fits you.
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