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t hanks Lynk i was in the game warming up. thanks very much

Lynk or Mim or anyone...what is Singularity and how do i find it so i can know when it accumluates?

Mim said:

Strike then only if you have a stack of 4 Singularity
well i cant find any ability or skill called Singularity in the Focus Skill tree or in my abilities or skills or maybe i am blind or maybe it is a nickname for something eles..

I practiced using cycles of things like you suggested and was able to beat up on the CryoTroopers who kicked my can that was a nice improvmenet. I also made Level 34, i will go back to Alderon tomorrow and warm up some more.thanks for that suggestion..i am still mashing buttons a bit at random when it get hairy but i think i am getting better bit by bit.

we will see. It is nice to see green guild chat in the window again.

thanks again for all the help.

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