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Arrow Original Hip Hop beats wanted!

I been toying around with a horror core rap album entitled "Book of the Dead".

Before you scoff, this is not my first rodeo with rap. Back in the 90's me and some buddies of mine used to make tapes over other rappers' instrumentals just for fun.

I already have a ton of beats from other artists, but I really would rather do something original this time. Just for fun!

I got a lot of ideas for songs, but I can't really put it together until I get the beats first. My stuff is usually social politics mixed with horror and sci fi imagery.

Think of Dr. Dre meets Night of the Living Dead. I prefer slower beats if possible. Just make it scary!

I have tried messing around with Fruity Loops and just lack the skills to put beats together. Writing is really my thing.

You will get full credit for the beats, and I will even send you a copy of the finished CD if desired. I also plan on putting this up on youtube!

If you are interested, post here, or message me on facebook, or email me:

Thanks in advance!
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