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Exclamation [Help] C.S.I. (Cyborg Sith Initiative) [KOTOR2]

C.S.I. (Cyborg Sith Initiative)

Welcome to my Cyborg Sith Initiative (imagine that spoken in the voice of Darth Sidious)

I guess it would be best to admit that this isnt an actual mod but a request for help in creating a mod. Unfortunately my programming knowledge is limited to making only aesthetic mods. What I would like to achieve in this is the help of a person or persons with the knowledge to make this mod a reality.

In this mod I wish to create a new set of outfits using the Sith Assassin head and Darth Bandons body. The tricky part in making this is that I would like the head and body to match which is a hard thing to do without having to go into kotor tool everytime I feel like changing my outfit. Below I have a sequence of screenshots I took to give you an example of what exactly I am talking about.

Sith Apprentice Model

Manaanian Model

Black & Yellow Model

Onderonian Model

These are just a few of the models I have in mind. For times sake I'm not going to upload the rest. Hopefully you get what I have in mind. As stated before I am looking for someone who can make these outfits a reality each with their own stats and locations in the KOTOR:TSL world.

Edit: Also if you are a designer and can either create some high res versions of my designs or have some of your own that you think would fit this mod please post them and I will decide if they are dope enough to include. And of course I will give you credit so dont worry..

Please respond if you can or know of someone that can bring this idea to life.

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