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Originally Posted by swphreak View Post
So I've been looking at Kindles and flip-flopping on whether to spend my store credit on that new Kindle Paperwhite. If I didn't have the store credit I woudn't even be thinking about it.
You could just buy a book on a subject you are curious about, or you already like. If that evokes a more positive response as opposed to indifference, go with that.

Otherwise as with anything else try it out and if you don't like it or you get burned, hey, it isn't like buying this would be a total waste. Just gift it to someone so ya don't have to spend more $$$. Give your blessings and best wishes of luck on top of that--may they have better luck than you not getting screwed over.

The main reason why I dislike ebooks and really haven't thought about a kindle is the terms and conditions you have to agree to. The way I interpret the fine print, Amazon (or the book publisher) can give you the finger and tell you to screw off while they delete your books without compensating you in any way. It's what you agree to when you purchase an ebook.
I know that feel. Same reasoning here. Except I am not as reasonable as some so I won't really be convinced to change my ways. It isn't like not having ebooks and ereaders is bad for my health afterall, is it? No.

If they tried that with my physical books, that would be theft, and I'd punch them in the face.
Can I watch?

Of course, that's an extreme, and unlikely scenario, but the thought that it's possible (and has happened before) does not endear me to the kindle and ebooks in general.
Is it a deterrent enough for you to lose sleep? Probably not until after it's happened. I'd say keep hard copies of all the really important stuff and the not-so-serious you could enjoy.

Just, if you DO get off into it, don't invest a serious amount into it. Hell, what you ought to do is buy electronic copies of important relevant stuff you have for both archive an convenience. That way you don't lose anything if they decide to F*** you over.

Same sort of thing about Steam. For the time being I'd trust Steam sooner than Origin for sure. If I can own it physically, though, I'd sooner opt for that. Or if you could replicate it onto some form of medium (I.E. a drive or other) then that's cool with me.

This coming from a guy who plays maple story, and ninja saga.

Long and short, if you're leaning towards it more than away from, make a modest investment if only for curiosity sake. Keep in lean so your losses are down in wcs.

I buy plans form information unlimited from time to time, and you can get them cheaper if you just download them. Once you have it downloaded...if you lose it or delete it that's your problem... But I always make a paper copy at least once when I get them. I mean, $8.00 beats $20.00 if all they do is print out their digital copy and mail it to you.

And don't get me started on the pricing. There's no sane reason an ebook should cost more than a paperback.
I totally agree with you. Why don't we chat more often?

I'm thinking I'll wait a couple more years to see what happens.
Always a smart strategy. I wait till games hit the $20 mark before deciding whether or not to get them. If I'm still chomping at the bit for a particular title by then, I buy it. Otherwise it probably isn't worth having.

Who knows, maybe ebooks will become DRM free like mp3s are leaning towards.

Wow, I sound like a curmudgeonly old coot when it comes to my books.
No you're not quite there, cuz you're at least open to the idea.
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