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Originally Posted by SimonKTemplar View Post
I figured as much; still - this particular hilt was labeled as Revan's by canon sources so even that counts as something. Now to a lot of you here that might not mean much, but another good idea would be to take some of the generic hilts from TOR that have been otherwise labeled as belonging to someone specific, and change them only slightly so that they're more unique.

You'll know what I mean when I make Bandon's hilt in a few days, now that I've been armed with the information you've provided me with and this 'brilliant idea'
By any chance is that canon source called 'Wookiepedia"?
But yeah, that's cool, man. You could just pick a random hilt that looks cool - model it, label it "Bandon's lightsaber" and call it "canon". Then, just maybe it'll become canon eh?
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