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I am adding different types of Jal Shey armors to the 4.0 of UAM:
The short robe tunics based on the marauder robe from UAM 1.0,
The Ubese Environment Suits for Jal Shey Armors
The armored robe model for Jal Shey Armors,
Possibly the Movie Jedi Master robe model also, if I can motivate myself to set it up.

The installation would have a third stage component where the installer chooses which kind of Jal Shey armors they would like out of the choices I have described above, and I'll include screenshots in them mod package for visual reference and comparison purposes.

If I am able to make my added story content compatible with TSLRCM, I will probably work on adding more vendors and possibly some more story content to boost the mod and then release it as a separate project from the Ultimate Appearance Mod, since the story content isn't really appearance related.

I was thinking about adding a new bounty hunter on Goto's yacht that would then replace the downed Zhug crew on Dxun with something a little more interesting, and if you kill him there he wouldn't be on Nar Shaddaa though, I'd have to work that out with the scripts but I can't imagine it would be too difficult. Probably use one of my Iridorian armors for the bounty hunter, and it would be part of the story content mod.

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