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Jal Shey armors are out, I included the k1 style tunic robes also:

So, changes from 3.0 to 4.0 include buffing stats for robes and Jal Shey Armors, using the master robe class Handmaiden robe instead of the Jedi robe one, fixed neck textures for the master robes, and added variations for Jal Shey armors instead of just using the defaults. This way the player can choose to either have short robes, Jedi tunics, Ubese armors, armored robes, or buffed default Jal Shey armors.

Update 11/3/12

I have isolated the story enhancing content from my SUPER Content mod, and am now waiting to see if I can edit the TSLRCM files to remove the HKs from the exit Hangar on Onderon since that area is used for the bounty hunters you encounter in the cantina. Once that aspect is cleared up, I will release the mod! I have enhanced the merchants also to have a better selection of items. The dialog for the hunter on Telos, the armored merchant on Onderon and the droid merchant on Nar Shaddaa have been left unchanged. The dialog with the two bounty hunters in the hanger on Onderon is also as it was, and so is their encounter in the cantina. I have voiced lines for the merchant and the human bounty hunter, with some satisfaction I might add .

This new mod will probably be something like "90 SK's New Encounters" or "90 SK's Added Story Content". All thats left to do is remove the HKs to it doesn't mess up the bounty hunter encounter, which I'm not entirely sure how to approach since I think the HKs are in the modules and not Override which may complicate things. Any insight on this issue is welcome and encouraged as I'm not really sure where I stand with removing them. I will try to get in-game screenshots of the encounters though I may just end up reusing screenshots from the Super content mod.

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