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Is there a way to Disengage in Combat?

Is there a way to get out of a combat once you are in it? i am hoping to wait out a period of invulnerablity that some Sith Harrowers go thru for my main Class mission on Taotooine and if i can disengage and then come back, i am hopeful i can survive... is there a way to leave a combat without having them start all over on their health bar?

i suspect not but just wondered.... as i have seen posts from people with this particular battle which is a bugged one in some ways, where they get away and then come back during this period when the Sith is basically taking no damage at all... i was not sure how they did that.... as usually a fight keeps on going, and if you run they chase you or keep firing at you....but thought maybe there was a force ability that could free you from their combat focus...

i am a Jedi Knight Focus level 34

I know you can get out by dying but i am trying to figure a way to deal with tough foes...and these three Sith are notorious according to many posts i found, there is a bug where your companion gets knocked down by a Sith move and then cant get back up..they are alive but wont fight.

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