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Your problem is that you haven't actually set the TSL Patcher up to install everything. Your changes .ini file is completely empty. The reason it won't install your mod is because you haven't actually told it what it needs to install.

Also, in appearance.2da I notice you've named the textures as assasin_armor_01, assasin_armor_02 etc.

You'll need to remove the _01, _02 or whatver from the end of the texture name in the .2da file, else you'll get some strange results when you actually get your armour into the game. What you need to do is set the texture variation in the .uti templates for your items.

I know from experience that this is tricky stuff when you first get into modding and that it's stuff you learn from experience, trial and error, but i'm sure you'll pick it up in a flash now that you've made a start!

Make the changes i've suggested and try to set the TSL Patcher up properly and see how it goes. If you really can't get it to work, i'll do it for you some time this week when I have some free time.

I would have done it straight away, but now that you've been given some advice, I thought it would be better to let you try it yourself again. The best way to learn something is to do it, I think!

Anyway like I said, if you still can't get it all to work, i'll set it all up for you some time this week.

Good luck!
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