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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
some of the moves are very powerful and some of the elites seem just about unbeatable....but i am always open to suggestions and specifics.
Well, like I said, Guardians (which I'm guessing is the advanced class you chose) have a bunch of interrupts, which are incredibly useful against Elites. If an Elite has a powerful move, chances are it's a channeling move, which can be interrupted. It can make the difference between winning or losing. Force Kick is the only 'real' interrupt, but anything short of Champions and immune targets can be interrupted by Force Push, Stasis and more.

Other than that, the class has some difficult opponents, but it's definitely not a broken class. As Lynk said, it can be a very hard-hitting opponent or as a Tank it can take a lot of damage. But as it is with every class, there are right and wrong ways of playing it. I know I completely threw out my first rotation on my first toon when I hit 50 because I realised I was doing it wrong. And the same happened when I hit 50 with my Guardian.

Perhaps look up some videos on Youtube where people play the class, it can be very enlightening (it was for me, at least).

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