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((Sorry for the late reply, computer issues.))

Ackbar Medical Bay

"Prognosis doctor?"

"A power surge blew up a console right in her face on the bridge so I'd say severe facial damage, third degree burns on her face and severe lacerations from wreckage that hit her."

"If the medical bay wasn't losing power I would say that her chances for survival would be much higher. Although the injuries are serious we could have stabalized her already if the medical bay hadn't taken such damage."

One of the nurses spoke up. "I heard rumors that the Death's Head arrived recently. If she can be stabalized maybe we could transport her there. After all, Imperial medical science is at a level equal to ours."

The doctor looked at the nurse thoughtfully and then at Tavaryn. "What do you think? Can you stabalize her so we can transfer her to the Death's Head?"

Ackbar Bridge

"Admiral Garja, It appears that Alpha team took one of our intruders prisoner." the comn officer said. "They are currently escorting the prisoner to the brig."

"Good. Status of the reactor?"

"Repair crews confirm that the reactor overload has been stopped. It appears that the majority of the engineering crew were knocked out somehow."

"I was security guards around engineering at all times. Get the current crew to go back to their quarters and bring the next shift in to cover for them."

"Yes Admiral."

Unknown station

"Xandros, you watch his six?"

"I shall do so." Xandros said quietly as he reached out again and sensed two groups heading for their location. One was large and consisted of around a dozen pirates the other consisted of around four pirates. They were coming from different directions.

"We have incoming. Two seperate groups attempting to take us by surprise. One large group, one small group."

Child? Are you all right?

I'm scared...the child sent back. Her voice was filled with fear. My daddy said I'd be safe but I don't think he was right. A brief mental image of Varith flashed through her miind and into Jun-la's for a brief second. Please help me!

Sith Warship

Varith could feel his daughter's fear through the force and he knew that was a bad thing. If her could sense it then that meant the other sith would most likely sense it.

He also knew what would happen to him soon. The captain of the ship he was on had recieved a message for his eyes only a few minutes earlier but Varith knew.

They were going to order his execution for his failure to arrive at Dagobah in time. The sith did not reward failure.

His grip grew tight around the hilt of his lighsaber as he felt the captain arrive on the bridge with a security team behid him.

This is it...He thought to himself as he gathered the force around him and prepared to fight.
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