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Ackbar Medical Bay

What do you think? Can you stabilize her so we can transfer her to the Death's Head?

Tavaryn looked at Belina. She looked terrible and it looked like heavy duty time in the bacta tank would be needed. He looked back at the CMO, "I'll do what I can."

It was nothing like Garja since the man had been poisoned but the concept worked the same. Tavaryn undid his helm and placed it aside. His locks were stringy from the sweat and he brushed them aside. He closed his eyes and began manipulating his hands like he was trying to shape the energy of the Force.

Admiral. Stay with me. I might even get a laugh at your expense since you might be in a bacta tank.

Tavaryn focused as he coursed the energy through Belina's body. He visualized it as a healing wash of water, cleansing away the damage and the injuries.


I'm scared... My daddy said I'd be safe but I don't think he was right. Please help me!

Jun-la heard the scared pleas of the child. She even saw the image that the child sent. She had never seen the man before but it was interesting and she kept it in memory. She sent back Can you tell me where you are?

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