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Medieval Conquest CHAPTER 1


Summary: Its the year 1561 and Jordan Griff, a male hunter sets out to find his mother, whom been captured
by a group of forest bandits during nightfall at the Kingdom of Goldberg. As he stalks the
woods looking for the bandits he encounters a strange woman named Ally….


“I will find them!” Jordan thought angrily. It was exactly one day since the mother
of Jordan Griff had been captured by a large group of forest bandits during nightfall.
When the bandits raided the kingdom they had trapped Jordan in his house by lighting
it on fire. He managed to escape, but with a few wounds. As he was being treated at
the local medic he planned on hunting the forest bandits down to get his mother back.
As she was the one who mattered to him the most in this world. Jordan Griff lived in the
Kingdom of Goldberg working as a smith. His father was a veteran warrior in King Williams’s
army. Jordan still mourns his father as he passed away while fighting in the field near the
town of Rhodok.

As the doctor poured a special antidote on Jordan’s arm, he let out a small cry of pain as
the liquid sizzled in his skin. “How did you burn it when the house was lit on fire?” the doctor
asked. Jordan replied “As I climbed out of the wall that was burned down, my
thigh and my arm had touched the burnt wall as it had a flame that I had not noticed.” The
doctor cracked a smile “As long as it wasn’t fatal, you are fine. Now you can go, I have other
patients to treat.”

As Jordan walked out of the medic, he approached the remains of his
house. He bent to his knees and grabbed his traditional bow, and beneath
that, his master craft arrows. As he examines his bow, he notices a few burn
marks on his bow. A few minutes later he approaches the castle of Goldberg.
As the guards give him permission to enter, he walks through the hallway and
approaches King William. “I’m sorry to disturb you my king but I request permission
to leave Goldberg for a temporary time.” Jordan stated. King William questioned “Reason?”
“My mother has been captured by the bandits last night. And I will not let them get
away with it!” King William cared for Jordan as he has known Jordan from when Jordan
was born. So he thought and replied “If it means that much to you, I give you permission
and I will send some of my elites with you on your journey. Good luck!” Happily Jordan
said thank you and left.

As Jordan came to the marketplace of Goldberg, he purchased bread, butter, cheese, and
water for his journey. In addition he purchased a few throwing knives in case he got himself
in a difficult situation. As he finishes up his errands, he purchases a regular saddle horse for
the journey. A minute later, Jordan waves farewell to the folks of Goldberg and meets up with
King William’s elites and departures.

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